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Man rapes a 2-year-old girl!



A young man has been arrested in Oyo after reports that he sexually abused a toddler who lived in his compound.
20-year-old Afeez Raimi is said to have stuck his finger into the honeypot of his 2-year-old victim so much that she bled.
Raimi, in his defence, said that the young girl had come into his room and laid on his bed and it was when he noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear that he got aroused..
Now this is a warning giving to all women and family men out there, it seems that child rApe as been the most frequent crimes in Nigeria and its our duty as parents and guardians to protect or kids and loved one. We should learn how to limit the way our little ones relate with strangers emotional and otherwise because their life is in our hands, Let us all beware where our children goes because men of our generation are more Evil..Thank you and have a happy Sunday*

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