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iPhone 6 Rumors Confirmed, Set to Take Over as World thinnest Phone



When you look for rumors about the iPhone 6, or any other new Apple products, you have to be careful where you look. Some sources just regurgitate everything they read on the Internet while others offer you specs you can’t even understand. Before you get your heart set on the iPhone 6 or declare that you will never buy an iPhone 6, it’s a good idea to learn more about it from a source you can rely on. We just
happen to be that source.
The image below was sent to us by an insider. It’s not a potential graphic of the iPhone 6, but an actual image. This, ladies and gentlemen is what the iPhone 6 will look like when it hits the market. It’s bigger, sleeker, and yet it is the thinnest phone to (prepare to) hit the market,it will take over from Gionee S5.5 which is currently the thinness. Below are the details you can expect from the new iPhone 6.
The camera offers a 16MP image with 4K video at 240 images per second. We like to think of this feature as “bigger,.better, and faster”. In fact, we’re considering the possibility that the iPhone 6 might just put point and shoot camera sales in the red. (Come on now, we all knew that was coming.)
The screen of the iPhone 6 will offer a phenomenal Ultra Retina Display at 4K resolution with 463 pixels per inch (ppi). In other words, no details will unseen. Since the iPhone 6 will also include a 5″ dual screen, you will also never find yourself with a lack of things to look at using these top quality visuals.
iPhone 6 to be the Thinnest Phone on the Market
One of the best features for the average user is that this is the thinnest phone on the market. Consumers wanted a thinner with more capabilities and Apple responded with a phone that measures just 5.23 MM. In case you are so blown away by this fact that you lost your basic math skills for a moment, note that the iPhone 6 will be just a hair (literally) over a half of a
centimeter. We know that Apple had to put some patents in place to get this kind of a result with all the technology that the iPhone 6 offers and we can’t wait to see how Samsung responds to those patents, but that’s for another time. Moving right along…
iPhone 6 Processor
The iPhone 6 uses an A8 Chip. The quad core runs at about 2.3 GHz, which means you won’t see a lag even if you are running a dual screen. With 3GB RAM, you might think you want for RAM, but when you consider that you actually store very little on your phone and Apple is as popular as it is because of the ay it handles processes and applications, you know you aren’t lacking anything. You still get all of the storage
options that come with every Apple product and since you have Internet capabilities and auto synch with all your Mac devices, you won’t miss a thing.
If you were still wondering whether or not you should sell your broken iPhone to start saving for the new iPhone 6, it might have gotten a bit easier to answer your own question. And just because we know you want to see it again, take a good look at the iPhone 6 pictured below.

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