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GoTV vs Startime? [Advantages and Disadvantages]



They have being complains from both side, some say Gotv is the best while others say Startime is the best.
Before  I start I will post the subscription prices and channels
For Startimes
  • NOVA
    Per Day
    WEEK: N300
    MONTH: N900

30+ Channels

    Per Day
    WEEK: N450
    MONTH: N1,300
    60+ Channels
    Per Day
    WEEK: N900
    MONTH: N2,600
    75+ Channels
    Per Day
    WEEK: N1,300
    MONTH: N3,800
    90+ Channels
For GoTv
  • 1. GOtv Max
  • NGN 3280
  • Get 91 world-class channels for you and your whole family
With GOtv Max you can treat yourself to the widest variety of choice entertainment including the best selection of sport.
  • 2. GOtv Jolli
  • NGN 2460
GOtv Jolli guarantees affordable, unmissable viewing across 83 channels, with flexible payment options so you save without compromising on entertainment.
  • 3. GoTV Jinja
  • NGN 1640
GOtv Jinja guarantees affordable, unmissable viewing across 57 channels, with flexible payment options so you save without compromising on entertainment.
The fact is that Gotv offers some channels which aren’t available on Startimes,and people are seriously in need of these channels. Startime on the other hand has many channels but missed out some key channels.

 If you are a sports or football lover(Super Sport)  I advice you go for GoTV, also if your a fan of good movie(Africa Magic, Movie Zone, Sony Max) I also advice you go for GOtv. But it’s also good to note that you get to watch Europa in Startimes but you don’t get to watch that in GOtv.

I can go on and on.

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 In terms of prices you can see it above, but don’t conclude using number of channels, cus Startimes have some channels which I just doubt if you need.  Unless you love NTAs.
In terms of price and signal strength many will rate Startime better, but in terms of Quality Many will rate GoTV as a better choice .
My conclusion go for GoTV.
Now over to you!
Take a look at the list below, and let us know which one you prefer.