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FACTS and PHOTOS: Justin Bieber's New Girlfriend Is Superhot!



American pop-star Justin Bieber has finally recovered from his break-up with the singer Selena Gomez and started new relationships with 18-year-old fitness model Yovanna Ventura.
According to Pulse report, the heartbreaker Bieber shared the romantic beach photo taken in Venice on his Instagram page.
Learn the 5 curious facts about the girl who managed to steal Justin’s heart:
She is a fitness model
The majority are probably not surprised: of course she should be one with a body like that!
She is bilingual
This is not that evident tho. The beauty speaks fluently Spanish and English.
She doesn’t have an account on Twitter
Which she makes known via her Instagram page, where the description reads: “Yovanna Ventura 18  Model Only IG  NO twitter!”
She IS followed
…by over 200,000 people on Instagram.
She is a motivator
With many of her friendly posts Yovanna encourages her female- readers to achieve their fitness goals.

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