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Beware Couple Ends Up In Hospital For Using Fake Condom



Some sex fantasies should remain fantasies, especially those involving Pop Rocks candy.
One couple found out the hard way when the woman insisted on inserting some of the exploding candy rocks into her sex organs in hopes of increasing the sensation.
She did, but not in a good way, according to David G. Meyers, an emergency room physician in Newport Beach, California.
He treated the unnamed woman with her husband and discusses their not-so-sweet sexual experience on “Sex Sent Me To The E.R.,” airing Saturday on TLC.
When the married couple came to the good doctor complaining about rocks, he was surprised.
“She said, ‘The rocks are supposed to have added to our sexual pleasure and I made my husband use them,'” Meyers explained. “So she said she bought these candy rocks which are supposed to explode and tingle and sensation to their sex.”
However, the tingling Pop Rocks had the opposite effect on the woman, causing a burning and itching feeling inside her private parts.

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