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Woman Killed Her Newborn Baby Because He Resembled Her Ex- Boyfriend



In fear of being dumped by her man a young American mother allegedly killed her newborn baby, whose real father was her ex- boyfriend.
According to Chicago Tribune, 18-year-old Ana Rosa Mora delivered the baby boy on Saturday morning, put him in a plastic shop bag and left it outside the house.
A passer-by discovered the infant and immediately called the police. However, the baby was already dead.
On Monday she reportedly came to school and when asked by school staff members about the child she showed them the photo of a baby taken from the Internet, as it was later discovered. Afterwards, when some school representative congratulated her and asked her how old her child was, the teen answered “6 months old” in front of those who knew she was lying.
Others became suspicion]us when she brought the dead baby found near her house and asked school officials whether the police were authorized to take DNA from those who live in her house in order to set the identity of the mother.
After the arrest the suspect confessed to the crime saying that the child was born alive. Medical examination showed that the baby boy died of asphyxia and possible exposure.
Reasoning her act, Mora reportedly told the police that the baby looked like his real father, her ex-boyfriend. Scared that her current partner would reveal the truth and leave her, Mora killed her own
newborn child.
The troubled mother is being held on $500,000 bail.

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