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UNIZIK medical student dies after reading all night



Last week we received a sad news concerning the death of one of our medical students in Okofia ,Nnewi campus, the source said.
Name: Chisom Donny Osigwe
According to the information, she died after observing an all night reading on Thursday 3rd April 2014 to prepare for her quiz the next day but to the surprise of everybody she did not wake up to go for the lecture.
When her friends got tired of waiting for her to wake, they started to bang on her door to know whether she will open but she never did.
After several knocking and banging on the door, they then broke into her room only to find nothing else but her lifeless darkened and changed body.
We were told that her complexion was dark when they saw her in her room lying lifelessly.
What could possibly be the cause of this death? Some persons interviewed said that she has other health issues before which could be the cause of her death.
However, the cause of her death is still a mystery.

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