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Terrible: New Bride Taken To Hospital After Two Hour Orgasm



Could you imagine that one of the most pleasant things in the world can bring you suffering?
This is exactly what happened to a newbride who experienced a two- hour unstoppable orgasm. The woman was taken to hospital where she was given diazepam to treat muscle spasms while confused medics tried to understand how to help her.
The odd incident was captured on camera by the woman’s husband and uploaded to YouTube. The video shows the exhausted woman in a hospital emergency room struggling to speak as she has repeated orgasms.
She says in a trembling voice: “For the first 10 minutes I was like, this is awesome but now it’s exhausting. This is so embarrassing. I will never forget this.”
Although doctor сonvinced the woman that emergency room staff were ready to treat any kind of disorders, obviously little had been done to eliminate the ailment. While woman tries to overcome unpleasant sensations, her husband just seems amused.
When the doctor says “he’s getting a kick out of this!” , he replies, “she asked me to do this!”

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