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Students burns down church over biased exam question against Prophet Mohammad!



A group of Funtua students, furious over exam questions allegedly
biased against the Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W), tried to boycott a
private school in Katsina State, Northern Nigeria.
A source said their efforts were blocked by police after parents of
students at the school alerted the district head and police when news of
the exam question surfaced on Thursday.
The Katsina Police Command spokesperson, DSA Aminu Abubakar
Sadiq, confirmed the intervention at the school, and said there were
no injuries or loss of life.
A source said students had already burned a Funtua Baptist church
in protest over the exam questions, and local Imams and Clerics had
insisted the government take action on Friday.
The end-of-term exam questions were set by an English teacher at
the Ideal International Primary and Secondary School.
The Sarkin Maska of Katsina District Head of Funtua, Alhaji
Sambo Muhammad, announced the closure of the private school.

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