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Samsung plans to dump Android OS



While Samsung’s Galaxy phones rose to prominence thanks to the Android ecosystem, the company has been planning for years to ditch the platform for its own operating system as soon as it can .
That last point could have an incredible impact on the
smartphone market. Samsung sells more devices and makes more profit than anyone else in the Android space — if any one company could develop a competitor to Android and iOS, Samsung would be the company with the resources and sales volume to do it.
So far, Samsung has only brought its open-source Tizen operating system to prototypes and smartwatches. It’ll be interesting to see whether the South Korean giant actually tries to take on Google in the years to come. The biggest hurdle the company would need to overcome is app availability: So far,
users seem to be wary of moving to new platforms with more limited selections of apps than what they can get on iOS and Android today.

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