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President Jonathan in trouble over Gold-plated iPhone 5 at daughter's wedding !



Rumours have it that guests got gold-plated iPhone 5
phones as souvenirs at President Jonathan’s daughter’s
wedding. Nigerians on social media have taken President Goodluck to the cleaners after rumours of gold-plated, specially customized IPhone 5 phones given as souvenirs at the wedding of his daughter.
President Jonathan’s daughter Faith over the weekend got hooked to Godswill Edward, son of a Cross River State monarch.
Citizen journalism platform Sahara Reporters, reported that a UK-based Luxury Jewelry Designer was behind the photos that started the controversy after tweeting from his account @malivelihood.
However, it appears that Michael A, also rumoured to be Tonto Dike’s boyfriend, was coerced into deleting the pictures after public outcry based on speculations that taxpayers’ monies were used to purchase them.
“[He] Actually Posted the photos of the gold-plated
iPhones from his Abuja hotel room shortly before heading to the wedding reception to hand out his expensive gifts.
He tweeted the photos including a customized gold plated wedding frame for the couple,” Sahara Reported wrote.
Almost 24 hours later, the dust is yet to settle as Nigerians take to the social media to decry what some called corruption and other extravagance.
“Thank God the bride is just a foster/adopted daughter, if the girl happens to be the president’s daughter maybe its oil- well/rig they will distribute as souvenirs. There’s problem in the land,” Dapo Law said.
“There’s nothing like Photoshop here the item is real and authentic, but am disturbed seeing things like this from a man who one time in his life was shoeless,” says Boniface Uche Ayotanze.
“The other day, it was the First Lady’s ADOPTED mother that died, now it is the President’s ADOPTED daughter marrying. And all our monies are ADOPTED for the occasions. Who knows how many more ADOPTIONS we are yet to hear of? After looting our treasury dry, they may as well relocate to their ADOPTED country. Or maybe this is even their ADOPTED country. Smh,” Jackson Obuohien Ogboghodo
On Twitter, @Fadarichy tweeted, “Jonathan’s
Insensitivity: Gold-plate iPhone as gifts for attending his adopted daughter’s wedding. Millions are crying of
Also, @Adesolape, srote, “Jonathan gave guests
customized iPhone on daughter’s wedding day, what
happens to unemployment in Nigeria?”
However, a few people like Obon Udobong defended the President.
“Y’all are funny, can’t stop laughing. How are you guys
sure it’s tax payers money? Anyone can take up that
responsible for him, he can afford it himself as well. Again there is nothing wrong with criticism but be sure and learn not to insult him which God have place above you,” he said.
Also comfortable with the gifts, Adeoti Samuel posted,
“There is nothing bad in that is a President; customized gold platted iPhone, is it too much?”
Each of the iPhones reportedly cost between 3,000 pounds and 50,000 pounds says P.M.NEWS, an online news media.

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