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PHOTOS: Singer Maheeda Poses In Red Nightwear, Says She Doesn't Have Fat Private Parts (18+ ONLY)



Controversial singer Maheeda blasts fans with another explicit photo shoot where she poses in red nightwear.
Right now Maheeda is in Paris with her friends. She lives a full life spending her days sightseeing and parting.
Maheeda is rather extravagant person, one day she showed off her stunning outfits and another listened music sitting on the floor wearing nothing but panties.
Today, she decided to make pictures in sexy red nightwear.
Apparently, someone commented one of her photos saying that she has fat private parts. Thus, Maheeda made super close video of her hips saying: “They say I hav got a fat pussy , open ur eyes u see anything? Cos I don’t !!”

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