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Photos: Mother Beats Her 12-year-old Girl For Posting Sexy Pics On Facebook



Maintaining the moral and the discipline in the modern society is not an easy task, but some parents have not forgotten ‘good- old’ methods.
In a shocking video, which seems very harsh to watch, a Caribbean mother brutally beats up her daughter with a leather belt for allegedly posting sexy pictures on the social network, Facebook.
The woman stated that uploading such content was a disgrace for the whole family and hit her 12-year-old daughter several times. The outraged woman was not moved by girl’s pleas. After the girl started crying, the mother hit her even harder and more intensively. When the girl dropped on the floor, it became even easier for raging mum to hit the daughter.
So, are the mothers always right, or there has to be another way?
See the snapshots below. WARNING: Graphic
Content, Viewer Discretion Is Advised:

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