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PHOTO : Man Uses Teeth To Haul 3-Tonne Truck Barefoot Over Broken Glass



A real man of muscle, Yang Dong, has performed the eye- popping and foot-ripping task stunt after 10 years’ practice in Fuzhou, China.
The 20-year-old man pulles the truck loaded with 9 people using only his strong teeth.
We’ve all seen it – the crazy world records where people pull heavy cars and planes with just their teeth.
Clearly such activity is pretty old for this wannabe world-record breaker and the stunt was complicated by the carpet of shattered beer bottles.
The young man began practicing 10 years ago and now manages to pull a van weighing 3 tons, while walking on broken glass.
It is not clear yet if he has set a world record.
Last year a man calling himself Montystar A. also pulled a three- tonne truck with his mouth in Haryana, India.
Although on that occasion broken glass was not involved.
What abou you? Have you ever broken a record?

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