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"Sex is Painful Because My Hubby's Manhood is Too Big!" – Wife Cries Out



Sexual compatibility is important for every loving relationship. It can be upsetting for both partners to not being able to enjoy being together to the full extent. A young woman tells about her problem and asks for your help.
I’m happily married for almost a year. My husband and I are both young and very much in love with each other.
He was my first ever boyfriend, and I was his second girlfriend.
He also was my first man sexually, but I wasn’t his first experience. He never told me why he had broken up with his first girlfriend, despite my constant questions. He seemed to be embarrassed and only told me they called it quits soon after having sex with each other. Now I seem to understand why.
Before marrying, we didn’t have sex. I insisted, and he had no problem with it.
But it turns out, my husband has a very big manhood. I love him and I sincerely want to pleasure him, but every intercourse is so painful! So I try to avoid fulfilling my spousal duties, and that leads to conflicts. He apologizes every time for inflicting pain, but I’m dreading any new experience.
I don’t know what to. I’m too shy to talk it over with my Mom or sisters, or even the doctor. It may seem like a minor and even hilarious problem, but it’s not.

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