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"It is not my job to choose who will follow after me" – Arsene Wenger



While Sir Alex Ferguson had a major influence on David Moyes’ appointment at Manchester United last summer following his retirement, Wenger insists he will play no part in such a decision at Arsenal.
“I have told you many times, it is not my job to show, to choose who will follow me after, when I leave one day,” he said.
Wenger also spoke on Barcelona transfer Window ban by FIFA.
“Certainly they have not respected the rules,” Wenger said. “The rule is quite simple, you cannot move the players before the age of 16 unless their parents move for professional reasons, so that of course
creates a big debate — do the parents move for professional reasons
or not? In this case, FIFA has judged the parents moved for
football reasons and that is why they were banned because they have
not respected the rules.
“What is not right is that the children move under the age of 16
without their parents. That is absolutely not right. Do they have to
change the rules so you allow children to move with their parents if
the club takes care of the parents? Maybe we have to go that way
because it happens.”

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