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FG To Replace Use Of Candles, Kerosene With Solar Energy Lamps «



The Federal Government will replace the use of
domestic candles and kerosene lanterns in most Nigerian homes next year with “clean” solar
energy lamps.
Minister for Environment, Laurentia Mallam, who
disclosed this in Abuja when senior officials of
the Total Group paid her a courtesy visit in her office stated that the “archaic” household beams would be replaced in 12 months with “Clean Solar Energy Lamps that are more environmentally and ozone-friendly.”
She said that the Solar lamps offer a credible solution to clean and renewable energy that were favourable to global requirements for positive actions against climate change.
She noted that the candles and lamp phase-out process would not come by way of legislation but through the introduction of “a superior product.”
Mallam assured that the new Solar energy lamp
technology would be distributed by the Total Group at affordable prices especially to the rural
The minister expressed concern on environmental hazards and avoidable deaths from fire outbreaks caused by the use of candles and kerosene lanterns.
She explained that the switch would slash the
price of kerosene and possibly eliminate the use of candles in Nigeria, thereby improving the position of the country on the list of ozone- friendly nations in line with the transformation
agenda of President Goodluck Jonathan.
Vice President of Total Group, Allen Schapeaux
said the solar alternative had been introduced to other developing countries including Kenya, Indonesia and Pakistan and that the organisation intends to establish a production plant soon in Nigeria for the entire West African market.
The minister said synergy with other ministries including Trade and Investment, Finance, Health
and Education would ensure success of the Solar initiative.

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