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"I don't charge less than 3 million per show" -Oriste Femi



Last time, Oritse Femi whose latest hit “Double Wahala” is making waves said his first fee as an artiste was 5 million naira in 2004/2005..Now, he says he charges nothing less than 3 million for a show.Wow!This means he should be one of the Nigeria’s richest Nigerian musicians .He told Punch
“I went solo in 2006. That was the first time a marketer paid me N5m for my first single, ‘flop politician’. The money changed my life.Things have definitely changed. I don’t charge less than N3m for a show now. Sometimes, we have concerts funded by multinational companies and we have to tour 20 states. Now, calculate N3m multiplied by 20. The situation has indeed improved.”

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