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Charge Your Phone By Boiling Water using Power Pot



Are you off-the-grid and your iPhone battery is running low?
Don’t panic! All you need is a heat source, some water and a Powerpot.
The PowerPot is a portable thermoelectric generator that converts heat directly into DC electrical power so you can charge your phone on a stove or fire.
To generate power, simply add some water to Powerpot and place it on a heat source. The PowerPot will start powering up your mobile
electronics within 10 seconds of applying heat to the pot.
The device comes equipped with a standard 5V USB port, making it compatible with cell phones, GPS units, iPhones, Androids, iPods and iPads. A solid-state voltage regulator provides up to 5W of
charging power, which can also be used directly to run speakers,
lights, fans, or other low-power appliances.
The coolest feature of the PowerPot is that it is an actual boiling pot.
It constantly heats water to generate electricity. You can reuse this hot water to cook dishes or prepare hot drinks.
This could be a great gift for a backpacker or camper who likes cooking, drinking and ‘texting’ from their campsites.

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