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BREAKING NEWS: Abducted Students Seen Hustled Around In 7 Buses Near Gwoza In Borno



The schoolgirls abducted by the Boko Haram reportedly have been seen today, April 28, in South Borno, in the Gwoza-Bama axis. The 200 missing girls have been hustled around in about seven buses.
The information about abducted GGSS (Governmental Girls’ Secondary School) female students was provided by active citizens in Maiduguri. And a non-governmental organization (NGO) fighting
for civil right, led by Dr Peregrino Brimah, disclosed this information to the press.
The organization urgently call on the security agencies to go in pursuit and asks Goodluck Jonathan administration to approve immediately the formal request of the thousands of Civilian-JTF members and several thousand ready-volunteer youth around the nation for the permission to bear arms as civilian army patriots to seek, capture and eradicate Boko Haram terrorists and release all abductees and forced
Yesterday, April 27, security sources stated that the military has already identified the various camps in which the girls are being held, but is being cautious about executing a full onslaught against their captors, in order to avoid collateral damage.

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