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"Not Blame Lola Omotayo; It Was Never About Her"- Jude Okoye



P-Square have reconciled y’all! And just in case you
missed that story read how the brothers and wives
tweeted their solidarity to the group that made them all
famous. During the brief time the brothers had their very public rift, many fans blamed Peter’s wife Lola Omotayo, some media outlets reported that the main cause of the rift between the brother’s was Jude’s alleged disrespectful behaviour towards Lola. There were also reports that Mama P-Square never wanted Peter to marry Lola while she was alive and the Okoye family felt Peter had gone against his mother.
Apparently no one saw Jude at Peter & Lola’s
traditional wedding in November even though he was in Lagos, he did not bother attending the wedding!
Again these were all allegations. But as they say there
is no smoke without fire, it is obvious to even Steven
Wonder that all was not well within the hit making
Some hours ago Jude shut down all talk aboout a rift
between himself and Lola, when he tweeted,
Pls We are all family including Lola. Stop blaming her, this was never about her. Thank you — IG: @Judeengees (@judeengees) April 25, 2014
His tweet at least acknowledges that there was in fact
disharmony among the group! Thanks for keeping it real

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