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Android Users in Nigeria Protest Over High Data Charge Rate by Telecom Networks



Following the recent new Charge rate by Airtel Network,Android users all over Nigeria set a protest requesting NCC to do something about the way Telecom Networks in the country are charing them.
One of the protester Nerosky said
“Few weeks ago, my data was in account 10 of Airtel data, that I was able to check my balance with *141*712*0#.. Now that i subscribe minutes ago i was moved to account 9, which I can only see or check my account balance with *123*9# or *123*123#.. To my greatest surprise i was given 1.5gb instead of 2GB, I didn’t complain as it is manageable, till i checked my account balance to find out that opening only  my 4mb is gone…. Chaii! Thank God say Airtel max near my vicinity, na burning things remain, imagine this apologists! ..
You know i don’t blame this India useless people who think they can come here to mistreat n cheat Nigerians, i blame our useless, clueless, headless, heartless, everythingless government we have here, even the
good for nothing NCC.. EVERY COUNTRY WILL COME AND WIN US HOME AND AWAY, they come to Nigeria they cheat us, we welcome them, we go there they mistreat us we
endure… If God don’t punish our rulers, he’ll have to apologise to the masses!”
Another of the protesters also said:
“Did two subscriptions these last 3days… 3k for 3days and it’s exhusted already. Na to break my sim be dat ooh cos i arn’t using it for any other tin. Fvck airtel
i’m done with em. Thunder faya their fada scruntumtum”
So I guess it’s high time the Nigeria Communication Commission do something about this.
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