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Total of 207 Boko Haram members kill in yesterdays attack at Maiduguri



Nigerian security forces, and members of a local vigilante killed at
least 207 Boko Haram militants who launched a daring attack on a
military barracks and other neighbourhoods of Maiduguri, Borno
State, the vigilante group, known as the civilian-JTF, said
Members of the civilian – JTF said they counted at least 207
corpses of suspected Boko Haram members killed during clashes with
government troops early Friday.
One leader of the vigilante, Mallam Abdullahi, told PREMIUM
TIMES his members counted more than 200 bodies of suspected
insurgents in one area where the fighting took place, and said there
would be more bodies in the bush.
“We have counted 207 dead members of Boko Haram in our area,
Jiddari-Polo, alone. Many others are being killed in the bush
because the fighter-jet is still shelling them, and some of our members
have accompanied the soldiers in pursuing them,” Mr. Abdullahi said.
The group said the figure comprised of the attacking members of the
Boko Haram and the other members freed from the military cells
within Giwa barracks.
Residents had earlier described as encouraging the sight of youth in
their thousands storming the neighbourhoods of the attacks with clubs,
spears, bows and arrows, and machete, searching for Boko Haram
Another member of the civilian-JTF, Isa Maikati, said his group
arrested many of the attackers and handed them to soldiers. Those
who tried to fight back, were lynched, he said.
There were reports at least five soldiers, among them a woman, were
killed in the attack, but the military did not confirm that claim.
The attack, the first of its kind in that part of Maiduguri city since
the beginning of the Boko Haram insurgency in 2009, started at about
7:30 am and continued until about 12 noon.
Hundreds of insurgents, dressed in military fatigues, struck at the
barracks, the university and other neighbourhoods of the city.
The military said its forces successfully repelled the onslaught which
was targeted at freeing detained Boko Haram members. An airforce
jet hovered around the city for hour, dropping bombs at targeted areas
and killing many of the insurgents, witnesses said.
There were reports of civilian deaths, although the reports were not
confirmed. One resident of Fori, Babaji Adamu, said the aerial
bombing destroyed many houses and killed a girl who was hiding with
the parents in a house.
Witnesses said one student of the University of Maiduguri was killed,
while three others were seriously injured as stray rocket bullets landed
in in the densely populated areas of the campus.
The Director of Information for the school, Ahmed Muhammed, said
there was no attack or explosion on the campus.
“What people heard or saw were bullets from the area of the attack
that fell into our campus,” he said in a telephone interview.
The attack came days after the defence headquarters said Nigeria’s
newly-appointed chief of army staff, Major General Kenneth
Minima, had relocated temporary from Abuja to Maiduguri to help
oversee the government’s response to attacks by the deadly sect.
It was not clear whether Mr. Minimah was in the town when it
came under attack. There were no report of his visiting any of the
affected areas, or meeting with the media.
Calm returned to the city by evening, as members of the Civilian-
JTF took to the streets singing victory songs and chanting anti-
Boko Haram slogans.

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