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Reasons why Nigeria should be divided,National conference will do us no good



Many will say he doesn’t love his country,he is unpatriotic and so on.
But let be realistic to our selves as Nigerians.
1. What good is a country without unity?
2. Who good a a country where u can’t travel around because of fear of a group?
3. What good is a country where our leaders all fight for their selfish interest?
4. What good is a country where your opinion as a citizen doesn’t matter?
5. What good is Nigeria being one when every part of it want to stand alone ?
If Nigeria could have worked, then a 100 years should have being enough for it to prove that. People who said Ojukwu did the wrong thing then now believe he did the right thing,he saw this coming. And war was the only solution he thought of, he was betrayed by many and that is why we still live in mess,many people who betrayed him later saw what he was fighting for.
If Nigeria can be divided for a day peacefully it will be ok so that it citizens will know if it really gonna work.
I know many will disagree but Nigeria is old enough to prove it ability of being one country and it have failed over the years. The national conference is even filled with corrupt people,so why should we expect a good resolution from the representatives when they have all pocketed 12million Naira each ?
#Imagine the way people are being killed in the Northern part like chickens….
#Imagine the level of unemployment….
And people still say that the country is working .
I want to hear your view EJB reader …….drop your comments and thoughts as it will be highly appreciated

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