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Pope Francis refuse to meet Hollywood actor Russell Crown



Pope Francis has allegedly declined to meet with
Hollywood actor Russell Crowe amidst the premier of the
actor’s new film, Noah .
According to the Vatican , the 77-year-old current Pope
of the Catholic Church was reluctant to meet the ‘Noah’
actor due to the media circus it would create.
According to the New York Post , Vatican officials had
tentatively agreed to the meeting but the Pope cancelled
because he was worried about the media frenzy it would
create and was afraid that it would become a “huge
Sources had revealed that the 49-year-old New Zealand
actor had launched a campaign to have his new Biblical
epic film viewed by the Pope via Twitter and had claimed
that the film has a “powerful, fascinating, resonant”
If President Obama and the Duke And Duchess of
Cambridge can host the premier of Mandela: Long Walk To
Freedom, why can’t the Pope watch Noah ?
However, Studio Paramount has denied that a meeting
was ever scheduled.

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