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(Pictures) Malaysia Government invites well-known witch doctor to perform a ritual to 'call back' the missing plane



As the search for a jetliner that mysteriously vanished continued
on Wednesday, a well-known witch doctor was invited to perform
a ritual to ‘call back’ the flight.
In the Kuala Lumpur international Airport (KLIA), a Malaysian
shaman, Ibrahim Mat Zin, performed a ritual using a fish hook and
bamboo binoculars to ‘locate’ the missing plane.
The search for the Boeing 777-200 aircraft has now expanded to a
land and sea area stretching from China to the Andaman Sea,
Malaysia’s west coast, as Malaysian authorities said the aircraft may
have made a “turnback”.
Chinese internet users have mocked reports that the Malaysian
government invited a witch doctor to help look for the missing plane.
As Ibrahim said that his vision turned black and he believed the plane
was either still in the air or had crashed in the sea.
Cynical weibo users ridiculed the conclusion. “Wow, that is exactly
what I think too,” one wrote, a sentiment shared by many.
One user who claimed to be Malaysian wrote: “I feel so ashamed
as a Malaysian for the first time, not because of any wrongdoing
on Malaysia’s part but for having a brainless prime minister.
Stop losing Malaysia’s face!”
Many expressed astonishment that spiritual methods were being
considered in the hunt for the plane as the operation entered its fifth
“China deployed 10 satellites, Malaysia deployed a few witch
doctors,” another user pointed out.
Jamil Khir from the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Department had
earlier said the government welcomed any help in tracing flight
MH370, including from bomohs, as long as their methods did not
contravene the practices of Islam.
Muslims make up more than half of Malaysia’s population of 22.7
million people. Bomohs are respected for their spiritual power by
many in the country.
The Raja Bomoh, who has been practising for 50 years, rose to fame
after offering his services in the search for victims in several major
disasters in Malaysia.
It is not unusual in parts of Malaysia for politicians to turn to
The last words of the pilot from the missing flight MH370 have been
revealed for the first time at a meeting between the Malaysian
government and Chinese relatives in Beijing.
An experienced pilot Capt Zaharie Ahmad Shah, who had logged
close to 20,000 flight hours, spoke in response to Malaysian air traffic
controllers who had informed the cockpit that they were now entering
Vietnamese airspace and that air traffic controllers from the capital
Ho Chi Minh City were taking over.
He concluded: “Alright, good night.”
At the same meeting on Wednesday morning, one relative, who is
acting as the families’ representative told Malaysian and Chinese
officials that the families are angry with the Malaysian government’s
“delayed and un-transparent” rescue efforts.
Experts from 12 countries are now searching 27,000 nautical square
miles for the missing Malaysian Airlines plane, with officials stressing
on Wednesday that no answers could be given until the plane’s black
box is found.
See pictures below ….

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