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Two little boys stole a big bag of oranges 4rm a neighbor n decided 2 go to a calm place 2 share d lot equally. One of dem suggested d nearby cemetery. As dey were jumping d big gate to enter d cemetery, two oranges fell out of d big bag but dey didn’t bother 2 pick dem since dey had enough in d bag. Few minutes later, a drunkard on his way frm a bar, passed near d cemetery gate n heard a voice saying: “one 4 me, one 4 u, one 4 me, one 4 u”…. He immediately sobered up n ran as fast as he could 2 a church nearby, for d priest… “Father, pls come wit me . Come n witness God n satan sharing corpse @ d cemetery”… Dey both ran back 2 d cemetery gate n d voice continued : “one 4 me, one 4 u, one 4 me, one 4 u’… Suddenly, d voice stopped counting n said: “wat about d two @ d gate?”… Come see marathon race!..d priest almost ran pass d church gate..shouting: “We are not dead yet oohh!!!”. ….now u r laughing…Abi! Don’t b selfish, send it to ur friends. Put a smile on someone’s face”

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