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How ATM machine is being hacked by fraudsters!.



The details ain’t as simple as it
sounds but the ATM are actually
Windows PCs need to be running
on XP then it has to be infected
with a trojan virus called Ploutus.
The fraudsters then have to access
the computer (ATM) innards and install their malware and hook it up
to a mobile phone via a USB port and then they have a full control of
the machine
Then all they are now required to do is to send a message to the
planted ATM phone, it then translates the text into a network packet
and sends it to the ATM. Ploutus then transforms the packets into
command-line instructions.
Symantec’s Daniel Regalado said: “It may seem incredible, but this
technique is being used in a number of places across the world at this
The setup could last for a very long time if not caught because the
phone is plugged in and is constantly recharging and never runs out of
Ploutus apparently affects only a single brand of ATM, but Symantec
has not released the brand name. It did note that the Trojan, originally
written in Spanish, now has an English-language variant, suggesting
that the criminals behind it might hope to expand their operation.
What is indisputable is that, as Regalado wrote, “cybercriminals are
targeting ATMs with increasingly sophisticated techniques.” But that
would be true no matter which operating system an ATM runs.

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