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Gionee Mobile winning the game in Nigeria



Many will say Tecno opened the eye of many Nigerians ,I won’t argue that though because if we check it out before now Samsung, HTC,Sonny and so on were exploiting Nigerians,although I know some will say quality goods for High price ,but what about those who can’t afford these phone. So the point is Tecno opened our eye. At least everyone can own an Android device now with little money.
But after Tecno came into Nigeria people expected them to step up their game,Nigerian youths at a point got tired of 500mb RAM and 240k colour screen ,they needed something better even if the price will be increased a bit,I know Tecno have some 1gig RAM phone but they regard them as their high end phone which isn’t even worthy of being called a a flagship phone of a company. The phantom series isn’t even that smooth to compare the Elife series of Gionee.
Now to the main issue the Gionee as well as other Chinese company came into Nigeria,after Tecno but Gionee seem to have stepped up their game while the rest are still far behind ,I know some still wonder why they always lunch most of their new product first in India even they are regarded as a Chinese Company .
At the World mobile Phone Submit held some weeks ago at Barcelona Gionee lunched a new phone which is currently the world slimmest phone,Elife S 5.5
Gionee was the only Nigeria Chinese company present at Barcelona ,this show the level they have gone ,even Samsung where surprise at the Elife S 5.5 that they wonder how phone with all those feature were fixed on such a flat surface,which is equivalent to the thickness if four A4 paper.
Some of there phone which still prove it worth include :
Elife e3
Elife e5
Elife e6
Ekife e7
Elife S5.5

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