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Don't depend on Google AdSense (Advise to bloggers)



This is just a piece of advice for bloggers who started blogging with hope of making money through AdSense only.
I won’t like to discourage you but I want to let you know that your might end up being disappointed if you hope entirely on Google AdSense .
Be ready to keep blogging even with or without AdSense approval ,cus your readers need you to be consistent ,if you aren’t consistent then you might end up lossing all your readers or visitors .
Again seek for advert from company and private sectors or even individual ,this is because they might pay you a huge amount of money to get their add on your site for a month ,but Google will only pay you for a click on the advert on your site.
And finally if you really need AdSense approval you must make sure your keep all Google policy and rule governing AdSense ,am not trying to say that AdSense isn’t good but just don’t hope entirely in it.
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