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Android user petitions NCC -We want specific data plan for our device



For months now android users have been complaining to nigerian
telcos to create a special data plan for android , just like BIS for
Blackberry , but it seems all the complains have fallen on deaf ears
because nothing has been done about this issue…
Android Nigeria has decided to petition NCC to look at this issue
and find a solution to this..
A petition has been created via and we’ld need your
support to make this work by signing this petition.
Why Should I Sign This Petition?
We all knw that the cost of browsing on android is insanely
outrageous!. On average an android user spends between #3,000 –
#5000 per month on data subscription while a Blackberry user spends
just #1,200. Tell me , is it fair?? No its not!. Thats why we created
this petition and we need your signature on it.. The more signatures
we get the More our chance of succeeding on this increases.
How Can I Sign This Petition??
Signing this petition is easy and shouldnt take more than 5mins of
your time.. All you need do is to HEAD OVER TO OUR
PETITION PAGE . This Is What The Page looks like
Look To your right hand side of the page , You’ld see a space where
you can put your signature.
Just Fill In Your Details And Click On ”Sign Petition”

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