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Again! Boko haram set churches ablaze in Borno



Suspected members of Boko Haram terrorists have again invaded
Pela Birni village of Hawul Local Government Area of Borno
state, killing two residents before setting ablaze two churches and
many residential houses ablaze.
Pela Birni is one of the populated and remote village under Kwajjafa
District in southern Borno with Christian domination, and about few
kilometres drive to Garkida town of Adamawa state.
Witnesses said, the gunmen who came to the village at about 10pm on
Sunday with sophisticated weapons opened fire on their targets
thereby displacing hundreds of residents who are now taking refuge
around the mountainous areas of Kwajjafa District and it’s environs.
Mallam Musa Anjili Pela Birni in a telephone call to our
Correspondent said, he narrowly escaped being killed by the attackers,
as the house he was sleeping in was also set ablaze.
“The gunmen invaded our village at about 10 o’clock in the evening on
Sunday, they started shouting God is Great. In some houses, they did
not shoot at the residents but ordered them to vacate their houses and
set them ablaze, saying we are here for God work”.
Another Resident who did not want his name mentioned in the print
told our Correspondent that most of the neighbouring houses near the
Church of Brethern, (EYN in Hausa) were set ablaze including the
church, while two people lost their lives, as well as many sustained
He said, the gunmen who were large in number carrying AK47
rifles, petrol bombs and Improvised Explosive Devices ( IED’s ) had
a field day and wrecked havoc on innocent poor civilians.
The Chairman of Hawul Local Government Area, Dr. Andrew
Usman Malgwi confirmed the incident, lamenting that the rate at
which suspected insurgents are holding people to ransom in Borno state
and other states in the north east is worrisome, and calls for serious
prayers from all and sundry.
“Yes there was an attack in one of my village (Pela Birni) yesterday
(Sunday evening) which led to wanton killings and destruction of
property. We have communicated to relevant security agencies on the
matter who have swung into action with a view to apprehend the
perpetrators, we have also mobilized our people to ascertain the
damage and assist the displaced Persons as an interim measure”.
The Chairman however expressed shock and displeasure over the
incident where innocent citizens and poor villagers who live from hand
to mouth will be attacked, killed and have their houses including places
of worship burnt down by insurgents for not just cause.

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