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9 thing you should do first every morning (Best way to start your day)



1. Get up Earlier
This is one of the hardest, but best things to do every morning if
you want to be successful. If you already get up early, as in
around 5 a.m. or 5:30 a.m., then don’t worry; I’m not talking to
you since you’re already on top of the game! I’m speaking to those
of you who get up around 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. like I used to. I
worked a second shift job, so getting up any earlier was out of the
question for me. Luckily, now that I work at home, I’m able to
get up whenever I choose. If you have this option to get up early
before your job each day, do it! I get more done in the early hours
of the day and have less distractions. Each morning, the alarm
goes off at 5 a.m., and I’m working out by 5:30 a.m. and eating
breakfast by 7:00 a.m. or 7:30 a.m. This is especially a great tool
if you want to get more done each day. It is reported that most
successful people, even President Obama himself, get up at 4:30
a.m or 5 a.m.. each day. Now ladies, if the President himself can
find the time, surely we all can!
2.Do nothing
I know this might sound crazy but that what your brain need first ,just let it relax first.
3.Say your prayer
Yes it is very important to thank God for life and ask for his favour every morning after you wake
4. Work out
Yes, along with getting up early, I’m asking you to get your booty
moving in high gear too! I already made working out a habit, but
didn’t do it as early in the morning as I am now. If you’re new to
working out, I probably sound like a drill sergeant, but hear me
out. Highly successful people have this number one habit in
common. They get up early and work out to get their day started.
This isn’t only important for physical fitness, but also important for
your mental focus, function and your metabolism. It is a great
way to take time for yourself each day, before the day’s agenda
takes its toll on your energy levels. It is also a great way to
motivate you and has been proven to increase mental function and
concentration to everyone who does it. Start by working out for
30 minutes each morning, whether it be a walk around your
neighborhood or local park, and then add 10 minutes of stretching,
weights or a few yoga poses. Then, increase this time to 45
minutes or an hour if you can and add weight training or extra
cardio. Be sure to stretch regularly after each session to enhance
your flexibility too.
5. Eat Breakfast
We all know breakfast is important, but did you know that all
successful people make sure not to skip this important meal? Oh,
and if you’re wondering, a massive bowl of sugary cereal is not
considered breakfast here, girls, nor is a leftover piece of last
night’s pizza. I’m talking about a good, solid breakfast to get you
energized and nourished for the day ahead. This is the best little
gift you can give your brain and your metabolism. Don’t eat too
early if you’ve had a late dinner, but be sure to eat something at
least a couple hours after you get up. Since I wake up at 5 a.m.,
I’m not in the mood to sit down and eat first thing. It actually
helps me wake up to get up and move first thing, so I choose to
work out first. Then, I refuel afterwards and I feel great all day
long. In fact, I am much more capable of focusing on the tasks the
rest of the day by fueling up first thing. Choose a protein rich
breakfast such as eggs, a whole foods protein smoothie or shake,
oatmeal with some nuts, seeds and Greek yogurt, or even Greek
yogurt with some berries and nuts or seeds. Protein is important to
jumpstart the neurotransmitters in the brain that enhance mental
function. All successful people know how important mental
function is in generating ideas, accomplishing tasks efficiently, and
increasing motivation for the day ahead. Plus, not eating breakfast
can make you cranky, so do everyone else a favor, dear, and eat
before you start your day!
6. Enjoy Some Quiet Time
One reason getting up early is so great is because it gives you some
quiet time each day. If you live in a crowded home like I do, you
know that it can be hard to get some peace in the morning if the
dogs are all over the house, people are making noise getting ready,
or are just talking throughout the house. If you have kids, I know
you understand what I mean. Getting up early, exercising and
even eating breakfast alone are great ways to take some time for
yourself each morning. When you do this, you’re allowing your
brain to just focus on you, your day ahead, things you would like
to do during the day, things you would like to get accomplished, or
even how you can help others throughout the day. If it helps, write
in a journal each morning for 5 or 10 minutes. It makes you a more
peaceful, productive person, and a happier person to be around
with others. My favorite way to do this is to get up before
everyone else and enjoy a quiet morning workout, breakfast and
even a little writing time to myself. Whatever you can squeeze in,
start adding some morning quiet time to your routine. You’ll become
addicted quite quickly, I’m sure, and it may be the extra incentive
you need to set that alarm clock early!
7. Be Organized
One other thing that highly successful people have in common is
that they are very organized when it comes to their morning
routine. This means having your clothes prepared for the day
ahead, your lunches or other meals gathered up if you work away
from home, keeping all your work bags together, and even keeping
your room organized. Don’t leave your bed unmade, clothes all
over the floor and your bathroom a train wreck. Every time you
do, these visual cues send teeny tiny signs of stress to your brain,
and can make you feel chaotic, even if you’re not. Be organized,
and you’ll feel more together, more on top of your game and ready
for the day ahead. Coming from a slob turned neat freak, I’m here
to tell you- it works!
8. Leave Yesterday behind
One really important thing you must do every morning is not to get
up regretting yesterday’s choices, decisions, losses, etc. If you didn’t
get a promotion at work you were hoping for, are having a tiff
with a friend, or your boss said something that upset you, you must
leave it in the past. If you were in the wrong, be sure you
apologize, but otherwise you need to leave what is behind you
alone and focus on today. Every successful person approaches the
new day ahead with a new attitude, positive outlook and with a
plan, not a regret. You cannot change what is past, but having the
right outlook on the day ahead will give you the ability to make
today better
9. Be Confident
One really simple thing I have found that works very well is to
give yourself a pep talk each morning. Okay, I don’t really talk to
myself out loud each day, but if you want to, go for it! I do give
myself a mental pep talk each morning though, telling myself that I
have everything it takes to get through this day, accomplish what is
needed, and be open to new ideas and possibilities that can enhance
my life, or other lives around me. Be prepared for any situation
by giving yourself a confidence boost each morning. This gets you
motivated and makes you more confident to the world around you.
It can even help to dress in an outfit that makes you feel great,
wear your favorite hairstyle, eat a healthy breakfast, etc. Doing
anything that makes you feel more confident is a great way to start
the day. I also like reading an inspirational passage or quote each
morning, which gives me something positive to focus on first thing.
Each of us have this precious time between the hours we get up
and the hours we start our work to be more positive, more
productive and more successful. If all this isn’t enough, I’ve found out that if you follow all these listed above you gonna have a very happy day…

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