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25 years old Nigerian stabbed to death in Malaysia



A 25-year-old Nigerian, Oscar was reportedly stabbed to death
on Sunday around 8pm by a fellow Nigerian near Shalimar
society in Kondhwa in Malaysia.
George Aimer, a Nigerian national is being accused of the murder and
has been arrested by the Kondhwa police. He was nabbed while
purchasing medicines to treat the injuries he sustained during the scuffle
with Oscar.
According to officials they had alerted all the medical shops in the
area to inform them the moment a foreigner approaches them to
purchase medicines and when George got to one of the medicine shops,
the owner called the police.
George was said to have stabbed him in the chest with a broken glass
His bloodstained clothes, shoes and the broken glass bottle from the
crime scene were seized by the police.
The motive behind the murder is yet to be ascertained as investigation
into the case is ongoing.
The duration of stay of the Nigerians is also being investigated to find
out whether they possess valid passport and visa.
Confirming the incident, Inspector S.D. Pochorkar said, ” An auto
driver informed us that two foreigners were fighting near
Shalimar society. By the time policemen reached the spot, Oscar
had succumbed to the injuries. Investigation lead us to George
Aimer, taken into custody as the prime suspect .”

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