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Things you need to do before the age of 30



Ok, I woke up with these thoughts in my head and felt I should
share it. If you are already 30, maybe the topic should change to 20
Things you Should Have Done Before Clocking 30.
All things being equal, let’s roll.
1. Before age 30 you should discover yourself. This means you
should have a good understanding of what your strength and
weaknesses are. Having done this, maybe it’s time to focus on your
areas of strength and that brings us to point number 2.
2. Before age 30 you should be able to define your general
purpose of living. As sad as it may sound, a lot of youths don’t
even know why they are living, they are just existing. Your purpose
defines YOU and there is no YOU without a purpose.
3. You should learn how to say NO and stand by it. Before
now, I use to greatly despise those that will say NO to a request
without changing their mind but the truth is, your ability to say NO
and stand by it portrays you as a well principled and disciplined
human. However, if you must say NO then you must be very sure
that you won’t regret the response in future.
4. People should be able to identify you with at least one
profession. There is no general star anywhere. You can’t be a star
footballer, a star swimmer, a star musician, a star actor, etc. It’s
either you are a star in one field or you will never shine.
5. You should have a true understanding of what love/
relationship means. Before 30 you should know what the word
LOVE means. When someone says “I love you,” does he/she
means “I like you, I want to have sex with you,” or what? Many
break ups and “marriage crashes” today can be attributed to a poor
understanding of the meaning of love.
6. For guys, you should be able to woo any girl you truly love
and start planning for marriage. (DONT BE AFRAID OF
WOMEN). This may seem awkward but there are many guys who
“fear” women. At times I wonder if ladies do change to beasts when
guys approach them. Anyway, I know some ladies can be rude at
times but before age 30 you need to know how to calm them down
and present your case.
7. Before age 30 you should learn how to drive a car. Okay, I
personally don’t know how to drive a car yet and I am not yet 30
anyway! But learning how to drive before 30 will give you the
hope of buying a car soon (that’s if you don’t have one already).
8. Before age 30 you must have read at least 30 books and
relevant literature(s). I really don’t expect many to agree with me
on this one but every born leader is a reader. Yes, I said 30 books
and at least 8 should be on marriage so as to avoid some mistakes in
9. Before age 30 you should have a vision. I am glad that the
Bible is in total agreement with me on this. “Where there is no
vision the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18).
10. You should be able to overcome procrastination. You may
have heard the saying that “procrastination is the thief of time.” If
at 30 you still don’t have stability in planning then you are obviously
not ready for success.
11. Before age 30 you should have a bank account (more than
one accounts will be fine). Oh yes! gone are those good days
when banks give us some interest for keeping our money with them
but I think spending all the money as they come will not benefit you
either. So why waste?
12. You should have hopes of making heaven before you are
30. I see no need for explanation here.
13. You should be able to feed at least one person and yourself
before you are 30. Doing so will give us the light that you are a
problem solver and not a liability.
14. You should learn modern table manners before 30. Just
imagine that you were invited to dine with President Obama
(maybe I went too far), of course we don’t expect you to go there
and embarrass this country you know!
15. You should have a mentor before 30.
16. For Christians, you should have a favorite pastor whom you
always listen to. For Muslims, vice versa. For “juju men,” no
17. You should have something that generates a steady
income before 30. Money is very important so if at 30 you don’t
have something that brings in the cash, hmmm! You can predict my
next statement.
18. Your parents should start reaping your fruits before you are
30. Buy them clothes, pay their bills, contribute to their feeding and
let them bless you. That’s how to fly!
19, Buy at least one plot of land before 30. It doesn’t really
matter whether the land is in a bushy area or not. A land is one
thing that doesn’t depreciate.
20. Learn to save and be responsible before 30. This point is
somewhat linked to number 11 so read that again.
I hope I was able to touch some lives with this but if I ended up
arousing regrets in some minds I am sorry though I didn’t plan to be
your friend on this one.
Written by Fants

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