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Reason why why Boko Haram spared girls and killed only boys



Mass killing of school children at the Federal Government College in
the Buni Yadi area of Yobe was shrouded in mystery after reports
revealed that only male students were killed.
It has been learnt, however that the extremists intentionally spared the
female students.
According to the officials, female students at the co-ed school were
spared – and that the attackers instead told them to go home and
get married and to abandon their Western education (Boko
Haram – meaning “against Western education”
It would be recalled that the attackers set a locked dormitory on fire
in the early hours of Tuesday.
The terrified students escaped through the windows, they were shot
and their throats were slit. Some were burned to ashes.
The massacre was followed by violent reactions by Nigerians and top
politicians, urging the authorities to put an end to bloodshed in the

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