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A man who makes me laugh have a chance to my heart – Oma Iyasara



Oma Iyasara is an extraordinary, emerging talent, with a unique
combination of good looks, enterprise, a good command of English with
sophisticated diction.
In 2011, she enrolled in the prestigious Royal Arts Academy  owned
by Emem Isong and she excelled as one of the favourite students in her
time, with a certificate of excellence.
A graduate of Mass Communication from Imo State University,
Oma has featured in a number of blockbusters like ‘Damage’ by Uche
Jombo, ‘Secret Weapon’ alongside Eucharia Anunobi, Emeka Ike
and Chika Ike among many others.
What are the biggest challenges one encounters in trying to break
through in Nollywood?
One of the greatest challenges is acceptance. There are so many
talents in Nollywood, and it is not an easy task to get noticed, not to
even talk of acceptance. Before you can be seen, you need to prove
yourself beyond the ordinary. And the best way to prove you are
different, is to be who you truly are.
How serious is the issue of ethnic bias in Nollywood?
That issue is not peculiar to Nollywood alone. Every work place has
its own issue of tribalism because everybody tends to want to favour
their own people before other people. But believe me, when you are
talented such trivialities cannot stop you.
Now, there are issues of pornography creeping into Nollywood, is it
true pornography makes the movies more real?
I don’t think pornography makes a movie real, the way the world is
now, sex sells, so pornography is just a decoy to attract people to
movies. But it doesn’t work for me because it’s not in our tradition
and culture
But you said if the money is right you may consider going nude for a
Yes, I may consider going nude to interpret a role but definitely not to
the extent of going fully nude. Besides, that is why we have body
What are your selling points and have they helped you in anyway?
I will say my selling point is my jovial attitude, and my eyes. Yes, I
will say they have helped in a lot of ways and will still help in the
How have they helped? Please explain
My jovial nature has opened doors for me in ways I can’t explain; be
it in people recommending me or just wanting to help me, because they
just want to see me grow.
Who are your idols in the industry?
Uche Jombo, Nse Etim Ikpe, Dakore Akande, Bimbo Akintola,
Joke Silva, the list is endless.
Now, what would attract you to a man?
A good conversationalist with a good sense of humour is my kind of
man, any day. If a man makes me laugh a lot, he has a chance to my
heart. Then his manners and how he treats other people count. Though
looks are not very important, it is an added advantage.

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