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Ibadan poly part time student commit suicide



A part-time student of The Polytechnic,
Ibadan, Oyo State, Timilehin Ayobami Ogundare, has
been found dead in his room in Ilupeju area, Baasala,
Asero, Abeokuta, Ogun State.
He was believed to have committed suicide by hanging
According to PM News, the deceased was also a
computer operator with a firm in Abeokuta before his
A family source who pleaded anonymity said the
deceased tried to kill himself last year but was stopped
by some people.
relation revealed that the deceased was arrested by
some security guards and handed over to men of the
state vigilance service when he attempted to jump into
River Ogun. He was later released.
He attempted to jump into River Ogun
“The whole issue is still like a drama because I don’t
know what could have made him decide to take his life.
We have been looking for him since January 1. Later,
we heard that he went to Lagos. He boarded a train
from Lagos back to Abeokuta on Saturday and came
down at Lafenwa. He trekked from the station through
Enu Gada area to Ajitaadun down to Arakanga area
with the aim of jumping into the river.
“He was arrested by the security men in the area when
they saw him wandering with only his boxer pant on.
They handed him over to the vigilante men at Oke Ilewo
for further investigation.
“We went there to collect him and we were told to
come back with him yesterday. On getting to his room,
we found out that he had hanged himself. He left a
short note, apologising that he disappointed us,” the
source narrated in tears.
When the spokesman of the Ogun State Vigilante
Service, Mr. Soji Ganzallo, was contacted, he
confirmed the incident and expressed shock at the
boy’s death.
The family was careless
“It is unfortunate that what we tried to prevent
eventually happened. They (family) were careless
with the way they handled the boy. If the boy had been
properly monitored, this sad incident wouldn’t have
happened. We got a distress call on Saturday by local
security men around Arakanga that a boy was trying to
commit suicide by trying to jump into the river. Our
men rushed to the area and took the boy to our office.
“In the course of questioning him, he confirmed to us
that he left home for Lagos on New Year day but did
not tell us where and who he went to meet in Lagos.
When we asked about his phone, he said he had no
phone but only his SIM card was with him.
“Sensing that his parents will be looking for him, I
directed that his SIM card be inserted into a phone,
hoping that someone will call his line,” Ganzallo said.
The vigilante spokesman revealed further that not long
after the SIM card was inserted into the phone,
several calls came in.
Ganzallo said: “We discovered that those calls were
from his mother, sister and a pastor. The pastor later
called back and demanded to stand as surety for his
bail. We agreed.
“The man of God arrived with the boy’s mother and
some relatives. The pastor’s name is Wole Oyenekan
and he gave his address as Egba Inner Circle
Building, Abiola Way, Abeokuta.
“We questioned the boy but from what I was able to
gather, the boy was determined not to tell anybody his
problem. The pastor pleaded with me to hand him over
to him. I initially disagreed but after much persuasions
and assurance that they will monitor him, I released him
to them and asked them to come back on Sunday.
“I was shocked when I heard the news that the boy
eventually carried out his mission.”
He refused to go to church on Sunday
Another source disclosed that the teenager perfected
his suicide by refusing to go to church on Sunday,
feigning illness.
According to the source, “I remember that he told the
pastor while coming from the vigilante’s office that he
needed some money to pay for his school fees and the
pastor told him to see him on Sunday after church
service. After the breakfast, he said he was not feeling
well and begged to be allowed to stay back, which was
“After the church service, he joined other family
members to eat the lunch around 4 p.m. After the
food, he went into his room and no one bothered to
know what he was doing until around 8p.m. when we
were looking for him.
“When we forced his door opened, we met his lifeless
body. He hanged himself with his belt. We went to the
Obantoko Police Station to report the matter and the
police arrived around 11.45 p.m. and removed his
corpse to the mortuary,” he stated.

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