Man Brutalizes His Pregnant Wife Ahead Of Valentine’s Day (Photos)

As Nigerian women long for love and affection on Valentine’s Day, a man did the unexpected to his wife by gifting her the unwarranted gift of brutality.

The issue of domestic violence can not be over-emphasized with some vicious men still on the loose.

A 4-month pregnant woman is in agony after being allegedly brutalized by her husband. According to the disturbed wife, the domestic violence has been going on since they tied the knot 3 years ago.

The woman who was brutalized yesterday night ahead of the Valentine’s day today – claimed she was beaten by her husband after complaining about his gambling character. She also showed a knife he allegedly tried to use while assaulting her last year.

Below are the screenshots of the conversation she had with Human Rights activist, Emeka Ugwuonye:

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