Husband learns to drive at 79 so he can drive his wife to hospital

It’s always a big moment when someone learns to drive for the first time. But this story about a 79-year-old man finally passing his driver’s test has an especially heartwarming twist.

A British man named Keith Limbert took driving lessons as a young man, but never got around to doing the test. For a long time, he didn’t have to; his beloved wife Anne did all the driving for most of their 58-year marriage .

But when Anne, also 79, had a stroke in 2015, she was no longer able to drive. On top of that, she also began to develop other health issues, such her breast cancer diagnosis more than a year ago.

So her devoted Keith finally got behind the wheel again — just to chauffeur his wife.

“My wife drove me around for 40 years,” he said. “She passed first time in 1972, and I didn’t know how good I had it.”

Although Keith has fond memories of his beloved wife driving him around, he’s more than happy to take up the important responsibility that she held for decades — especially to take her to see the doctor and visit the hospital.

“She has looked after me long enough and I think it’s about time for me to look after her now, ” he said. “I owe her.”

They are now enjoying a ‘new lease of life’ according to their eldest daughter Shelly Bennett, 54. She said:
But this isn’t to say the newly minted driver is only using his skills for mandatory travel; Keith also takes his wife out for a spin every day, just for fun.

Sometimes they visit a garden center, and other times they simply park the car and “watch the world go by.”

Keith and Anne met when they were 16 and went on to have three children and three grandchildren together.

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